Everyday, during the poster session following the 5mn-talks, a selection of wines will be offered to OCEANOISE2015 registered attendees by Bodegas TORRES ( and PERE VENTURA (







At Pere Ventura, we produce exceptional cavas, fruits of our land and our vineyards of Mediterranean essence; we use the most sophisticated production methods based on tradition and family experience. Each bottle is treated with the outmost care and rests quietly during long months in our underground cellars.

All our effort is meant so that each one of you can enjoy it where and how you fancy it.







Our family, generation after generation, has passed down the secret of making great wines and the love of the land. This tradition and a vision for the future has transformed Torres into a renowned company whose products can now be found in more than 140 countries. The Torres family, devoted for generations to vine-growing and to wine culture, respects nature as one of its main priorities.