ICEBREAKER: Monday 11, 8pm

OCEANOISE2015 welcomes you to an Icebreaker evening on May 11 at 8pm.

The Icebreaker will take place at the headquarters of the Foment Vilanovi, built in 1865 from the work of architect Josep Oriol Bernadet and settled from the outset in the Plaza de les Cols. Now, over 160 years later, the Foment Vilanovi maintains the original spirit and remains a crossroads of different cultural sensitivities of Vilanova XXI century.










How to access the icebreaker from Oceanoise Venue?


















Everyday, during the poster session following the 5mn-talks, a selection ofwines will be offered to OCEANOISE2015 registered attendees by Bodegas TORRES ( and PERE VENTURA (


GALA DINNER: Thursday 14 May, 8pm

A special dinner followed by dancing will be held on May 14 at Marejol, a sea-front view restaurant.










How to reach Marejol Restaurant?








A list of restaurants and bars will be posted here as well as more information on social activities during the conference.